The modernization and expansion of the Port of Acajutla is another of the flagship projects of the Government of the President, Nayib Bukele, contemplated in the Cuscatlan Plan, which proposes to quadruple its total scope, to enhance its cargo and logistics capacity.

Under the leadership of President Federico Anliker, in October 2019 the first EximBank mission from Korea was received, which analyzes the possibility of expanding the Acajutla Port. And as a result, on April 6th, 2020, the feasibility study for the Expansion of the Acajutla Port began, which will provide technical guidelines to carry out the necessary investments to recover and modernize such port.


Have a feasibility study that provides information on the development that the Acajutla Port should carry out, and the different implementation phases, with their respective investments, and thus, have the port infrastructure that responds to the demands of the port sector, and provide the necessary facilities for its operation, positioning the port among the best in the region.

This will also benefit tourism, fishing and mobility for the western part of the country. This will stimulate gastronomy, tourism in volcanoes, colonial towns, archaeological centers and tourism in the mountains; coffee growing will be rescued and the hotel services industry will be promoted.