CEPA and the Office of the Presidential Commission for Strategic Projects are working on the terms of reference for the bidding of the preliminary studies, which are: Pre-feasibility study and Feasibility study for the Construction of the Pacific Train.

These studies will determine the different scenarios for rail freight and passenger transportation in El Salvador.

This project is part of the national and regional strategy for logistics and connectivity solutions, which, based on a transportation modality that promotes the use of clean energy.


Have efficient rail operations in El Salvador, that allow the transportation of cargo and passengers in service conditions, preparing all the necessary facilities in accordance with the scope of the project and taking into account the geography of the territory, development plans or of expansion projected by the Government.

Timeline - Pacific Train-ingles


Develop a technical, economic, financial, legal, social and environmental feasibility analysis for both the pre-feasibility and the feasibility of the project, for the transportation of cargo and passengers.

What we have done for the Airport Feasibility Study

Presidency of the Republic: Financing Procedures for the preparation of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of the project.

Next steps
  • Financing
  • Terms of Reference for Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility of the project
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Execution and start-up of the Project