The Central American Region is in a process of strengthening its mobility infrastructure, in order to become a regional logistics center, enhancing its exceptional geographical position that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, as well as trade between Mexico and Panama. For this, countries such as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are supporting the initiative to build a railroad that links the Central American region. This regional project is part of the Regional Mobility and Logistics Framework Policy, approved by the countries of Central America and the Dominican Republic, which seeks to make Central America a world-class logistics platform in the transfer of cargo and passengers, to promote a region more integrated and competitive, capable of mobilizing the population and its supply chains effectively, increasing and diversifying its trade.

As part of this effort, the Government of El Salvador is promoting the construction of a train that will serve as an articulation of the territory in the movement of cargo and passengers, facilitating transits into and out of the capital, and on the other hand that revitalizes the transport of import and export goods.